Lights is a Candian Juno award-winning musician. Her full name is Lights Poxleitner, though she was born Valerie Anne Poxleitner in 1987. Another native of Ontario, she is now living in Toronto.

Her musical style is that of electropop/synthpop. It's a unique genre in which synthesizers are used to add a cool or even robotic feel to the sound. One of the most well-known songs currently in this genre is Fireflies by Owl City. Lights has actually been dubbed the female version of Owl City, and she has even been on tour with him this past year throught Canada, the US, and Europe. She will also play in the Lilith Fair concert series this summer.

Check out her albums on iTunes. Here are also a few of her music videos. I think they're quite fun.


Bon Jovi

Who hasn't heard of these guys? Bon Jovi is a classic, A CLASSIC! With millions of records sold and a career that started way back in 1983, this well-loved American rock group has never failed to deliver memorable hits. Some you may recognize include Livin' on a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name, and It's my Life.

I thought I'd share a little more Bon Jovi love with some pics and vids for their Circle Tour concert that I went to on July 15th, 2010 (exactly a month ago). It was held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Their opening act was none other than Kid Rock, another well-known big shot of country-rock.

You Give Love a Bad Name:

Pretty Woman:

Livin' on a Prayer:

I was sitting in the cheap seats section, but that did not dampen my experience in any way. The stage setup was great and the sound was quite crisp and definitely LOUD enough. This crowd was full of energy and the music was just plain awesome. The set was very looong. What more could you ask for?



Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is based off of a series of graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley. It was released in Canadian theatres today, August 13th, 2010.

The basic premise goes something like this:
Scott is a 23 yr old guy. He's out of school, has no job, and lives in a tiny room/house "liar", sharing its only bed with his gay roommate. Scott is also in a band (called the Sex Bob-ombs) and is currently dating a catholic high schooler (who's chinese). One day he dreams of this other girl. He meets other girl (Ramona Flowers) in real life. He starts dating Ramona. Suddenly he starts getting attcked by her seven evil exs, who wants to battle him to the death for Ramon'a love.

It's a fast paced movie. Not too too much character developement to be found. But the stylization and funny dialogue makes it so very enjoyable. It's set up like a video game - with extra lives, bonus points, and evil characters bursting into coins upon death. Even the music takes on the whimsy feel of games. It's bound to become a cult favourite.

The story all takes place in Toronto. Seriously, it's in Toronto. They didn't just shoot here and pretend that it was New York or Chicago like most Hollywood movies do. It's purely Canadian. There's the TTC, Second Cup coffee, Queen Street, Casa Loma, and even the ever tacky Honest Ed's.

Come on, a nerdy movie based on a comic book, protrayed like a video game, and actually takes place in Toronto? Awesome!

Here's the official trailer for it:

It also had music from Metric in it:


So You Think You Can Dance - Finale S7

So You Think You Can Dance? No, not really. Actually, not at all. I know I can't! haha. But that doesn't stop me from connecting with this show. I love love LOVE this show. Every year, it seems that I get swept away with this competition and it's just a wonderful feeling. To be able to get a glimpse into the dancers real journey is great.

I get attached to certain dancers each season, and can't help but root them on whenever I so much as hear their name. Some, like Katee Shean or Twitch, have had rountins that will forever stick in my memory. I laugh at their stilly antics. I cry at their displays of emotion. I get angry at certain comments from the judges. But mostly, I sit in awe at their amazing athleticism.

This year's season seven of the show harelded in new format changes, new dance styles, but brought back some familiar faces. They invited an "All-Star" crew of past contestants back to partner with this year's top 11 dancers. I was glad to see them again, but I kinda wished they stuck with the old format. That way we'd get to see the new faces showcased a bit more.

Out of the top 11, my favourite was Alex Wong. A ballet dancer from Vancouver, who could surprising KILL any dance routine they threw at him no matter what the genre. I can't even describe how dissapointed I was when he got injured and had to withdraw from competition this year. I wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he'll be back on the dancefloor doing what he loves again soon. Although, I still stick to my judgement that he would have won the entire thing if not for this unfortunate event. =(

Tonight, was the season finale of the show. Left standing were Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman, and Robert Roldan. I think that all three of them deserved their spots (and in that order too). It was great show as usual, with guest stars and a redancing of the great hits of the year. (Even Alex was there!)

And at the end of it all, a winner was declared... Lauren Froderman!!! Now I really thought that Kent would win, but I'm not at all upset with this outcome. Kent is such a great young dancer that his oppertunities are pretty much boundless at this point. Go Lauren!

Don't be sad that SYTYCD is over for the season though. There's still So You Think You Can Dance Canada!! Season three premieres this Sunday, Aug 15th. Make sure to catch it on TV.

(ps: Wonderful filming location for the promo!
- I have my own personal reasons for loving it ^_^)

I got offered tickets to go see this years SYTYCDC top 20's live performance show, but I couldn't go cause I'd be out of town that date!! What horribleness. Hopefully I'll get more ticket offers though! If you're interested, you can try to get tickets on their website.

So You Think You Can Dance
So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Talk 1: Exercising

I think I shall have weekly Wednesday "talks". Since the majority of what I write about will be entertainment related (music, movies, tv, etc.), this will be the day where I will digress from those areas and blab on about some random topic. So on with the first topic:

Everybody knows that you're supposed to "eat healthy and exercise". Sometimes it's harder to stick to that mantra than not. You'll see that yummy bag of chips or you'll feel tired after a long day of work. There are so many different excuses and believe me, we've all taken quite a few.

I find that eating properly is just a matter of changing your lifestyle to accommodate healthier choices. I'm most definitly not talking about a crash diet, but more of a gradually shifting in your meal planning. This is something I'm working on... (but those desserts are just too good! haha)

Excercise on the other hand is hard to take up if you've never been very active. You'll get lazy and all of those excuses you have built up will just be an easy way out. You have to stay committed to the goal in order for it to work.

I personally like physical activities - swimming, squash, soccer. But with my busy schedule, I find that it's hard to find the time to fit them in. Work, school, studying, sleep - that's basically where the majority of my focus goes to. However, there's always a way to sneak some form of excercise in. For example, I have taken to walking home from (and sometimes to) work - that's a good 45-60 min walk each way. You may not think that walking is true excercise, but at least you are moving.

Also, on any days that I end up coming home early, I'll go down to the gym for about an hour. If you have any extra time that you didn't expect, this is a good way to invest it. Even if you are stuck at a desk doing work or reading, you could get small hand weights and do something with them while you sit.

Another great way to motivate yourself is to join fitness classes. Being with a bunch of other people usually does make me want to push myself a little bit harder. It's also nice to meet other people who have similiar interests with you. There are gyms and clubs in every city that you could join. If your city has a Lululemon Athletica store, I suggest you look into taken a class there. They offer free weekly classes to the community at just about all of thier locations. I've taken 2 types of yoga, zumba, and a "bootcamp" class there. They also have a running club that I'll probably test out one day (I want to build up more stamina first though).

There are a variety of things you can try out, no matter what your fitness levels are at. Some are high intensity (like running and aerobics), others are relaxing (like yoga or pilates). Go out and find something that will meet your needs and interests.

I'm going to leave you with the "lululemon manifesto" - something that that store has devised as rules to live by. I find that some of them are indeed interesting and valid points.


Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is a stage musical that had its start back in 1989 in London's West End. It was created by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil (who also did Les Misérables). It holds the record as the 10th longest running Broadway show ever.

The story was losely based on the story of Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly but relocated to the era of the Vietnam war. It revolved around the romance of one young Vietnamese girl and an American GI.

Last month, Dancap Productions company put on Miss Saigon in Toronto. It was staged at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. This was the first time the show has been officially performed in Toronto since 1993.

Also returning with the show was Ma-Anne Dionisio for the main role of Kim (the girl). This was a role that Dionisio has not only played in Canada before, but also in British, Australian and American productions. I must say that her voice was lovely for the role.

Now I don't really want to give away the plot of the musical, but I can tell you that this is not one of those sing-dance-and-have-a-grand-ole-time type of shows. The characters had depth and there were plausible reasons fueling their actions. There were moments of joy, fear, anger, regret... and it was all played out so well. From the music to the acting, the cast put on quite a believable performance. They had me tearing up by the end too.

Here's a video from the original West End cast of Miss Saigon. They had a worldwide casting call for the lead roles. This led the producers to discover the wonderful Lea Salonga, one of the most well-known musical actresses of this generation. She was 18 when she played Kim.

I'll most definately see Miss Saigon again if I ever have the chance. That's a promise.

Priscilla Ahn

Priscilla Ahn's music is one of favourites. There's no question but to simply put her album on repeat and just melt into the atmosphere. I'd describe her style as acoustics and either quirky or hauntingly beautiful melodies. It's the kind of mellow sound that you'd welcome after a long day, curled up in a comfy sofa with a cup of warm tea.

She currently resides in Los Angeles although she has lived in a few other American cities and even South Korea as a child. She officially started her music career about a year after graduating high school. Priscilla Ahn has so far released one studio album, entitled "A Good Day". It can be purchased through iTunes or Amazon, or you can check her website.

Official: http://www.priscillaahn.com/
Her Blog: http://girlinatree.blogspot.com/

Magnetic North & Taiyo Na

Magnetic North and Taiyo Na have joined forces for their new album entitled Home:Word

Magnetic North is a duo hailing from California. Derek Kan and Theresa Vu have been attacking the music scene since 2003. Their music couples honest lyrics with beats that are hard not to grove along with.

Taiyo Na is a New York City boy who has been churning out rhymes since he was just 13. Luckily, he coupled them with rhythms and decided to share with this world.

One source of inspiration for their songs is the subject of being an Asian-American. Their true-to-life words have gone on to inspire many other young AA's and they continue to do so today. Even if you aren't an AA, their music is still relatable and the stylizing of their new music is completely spot on.

This new album, Home:Word, is the second release for all of them (Magnetic North having previously put out a self-titled album and Taiyo Na offered Love is Growth). I would say that these 10 tracks covers and merges hip-hop, rap, and even jazz. The blending of voice and beats is very smooth. My favourite song would be the title track, Home:Word. It's a definite must listen.

If you want to have a little preview to this album, here is a sampler track that have taken bits of the album and mashed them together. And for your listening pleasure, it's free to download too!

<a href="http://homewordsound.bandcamp.com/track/home-word-sampler">Home:Word Sampler by Magnetic North &amp; Taiyo Na</a>

If you liked it, make sure to check out their entire album. Also, here's a few of their music videos for you to watch.



Let me now introduce you to a little group called Michou. They hale from from the city of Windsor, Ontario. Comprised of four fun-loving guys whose music just needed to be spread outside of just their city.

Michou has so far released 3 albums, each one showcasing their unique folky style. They are jedis at blending sound together, from the basic piano to xylophones, and even boxes and the clapping of their own hands. You should check out their tracks on iTunes.

They are a quirky band. If their original music is not enough to describe them, then perhaps you should read what they have to say about themselves:

A scientist from the future made a quantum leap back to the year 1974 and conducted an experiment in which one man would impregnate 4 separate women with 4 separate children. The 4 children were all born male, and therefore brothers from separate mothers. Following in their father’s footsteps they became inner city cowboys and started a gang known to all as “the downtown rumblers”. They were feared for their frequent attacks on the innocent, and their calling card: cooked macaroni noodles stuffed in shirt pockets. Citizens would walk around fearing the call “MICHOU!”, which the gang would shout as they jumped from near by ice cream trucks.

The scientist, realizing the damage and randomness of his experimentation, took the inner city cowboys back into the future; the year 2009. The rumblers used their post teenage/futuristic angst to compose delicate indie music with pop sensibilities. Now their music is daring to take over the world, as the scientist sits back and collects 15% publishing rights, and an additional 5% on any gross over $200,000. The band, paying homage to their previous attack call, “michou” decided to name the group as such. Now we look to the future and watch their destinies unfold.

I was actually introduced to this group by attending one of their live shows back in early 2008. From then, I've been following their progress and I must say that they have indeed made some great strides. Their touring schedule is jammed packed. Their music videos also made some waves of viewer requests online.

Now how excited do you think I was when I got the chance to go see them live for a second time? And this time they were touring with San Sebastian and The Archives too!. Below is a vid from the Michou portion of the show today at the El Mocambo.

And if that wasn't enough Michou for you, here are a few of their music videos:


Yes, it is nice to Michou...

Step Up 3D

So of course, along with my love of sound came the love of movement. I'm not a good dancer by any means but I do like to turn up the tunes way up and groove along when I'm by myself. Dance is an escape from reality, but at the same time, I think I helps you get a clearer understanding of true reality. It lets you experience emotion to the fullest. The music may touch you on the inside, but dance extends that feeling outwards.

I like to watch dancers - on the streets, in shows, on tv, and of course on the big screen. So how could I say no to getting to see a movie about dance? In 3D none the less! Step Up 3D just premiered in theatres today, August 6th, 2010. (Directed by Jon M. Chu)

Opening day shows are always great in my books. There may be long line-ups, but this is the crowd that are truly excited for the film, just like you are.

Going into the film, I expected a cliched plot but hoped that it be coupled with moves that were far from that. I was right. There seemed to be two story-lines (about chessey-acted trust/love scenarios), but those characters were all connected by the dance crew and awesome battles. The plot about the two best friends going to college together, I "aww"'ed at, while the other one about betraying dance partners was just acted so dramatically that I ended up gaffawing at every scene.

About the dance, I really enjoyed it. There were a few battles that I didn't quite feel. I just didn't think they were so epic that those sequences deserved a 3D big screen. Others though, WOW - they just blew me away. Especially that final number. It was like "YEAH!! You guys got served!!!! SNAP!" (by the way, I don't talk like that normally but when you can get so into a scene, you just start acting like the characters. haha)

I'm super glad to see so many familiar faces of the the dance world included in this movie. If you're a follower of dance, you'll probably be able to name most of them all! Even a whole bunch of dancers from SYTYCD made it in, most notably "Twitch".

So if you're a fan of great movies that are thought-provoking, I'd stear clear of this one. But if you're a fan of dance, definitely go see Step UP 3D. Just please excuse the lack of character depth and focus on the crazy skillful movements.

Are you BFABB?


One of my interests is music. Let's just say that I am one of those people who always always have music on. Silence makes me uncomfortably anxious for some reason I cannot explain. So expect me to post a lot about random bands/artists, some you may have never even heard about before and others that you definately have. There will be a very diverse range, so you've been warned.

The first up on the block today will be Metric.

Metric is an indie rock band based originally out of Toronto, Canada. They had their start back in 1998, but have since then gotten plenty of momentum. Metric has released four albums to date, with most recently Platinum selling Fantasies out in April of 2009. This album went on to win Alternative Album of the Year at the 2010 Juno Awards. It also made history as the first ever album to have a single that has entered the Billboard Top 20 without the backing of a major label. Metric also recieved the honour as Group of the Year.

Today (August 4th, 2010 - yes, it's technically the 5th now since it's past midnight, but really it's the same day to me still =P), I was surprised to find out that they were going to be having a free concert. To be completely honest, I have heard their music in passing before but I wasn't exactly a die-hard fan of theirs. This has definately changed!

Now if the success of thier CD was any indication of their talent, I would say that it might be off mark. I found that their live performance was even better than thier recordings. It was exciting, energic, and definately dance-worthy.

The crowd was screaming and dancing for the entire set (and sweating, it was 37 degrees Celsius out there - just about 100 degess Fahrenheit). But the heat did not stop the thousands of people who showed up. Surposedly, the concert was kept a secret for as long as possible but news travels quickly these days. The entire street had to be closed down.

I managed to nab a spot right near the front of the barracades. It was an awesome view. Luckily I got to snap a few shots and videos before my camera's battery died out. You should definately check them out. Go buy thier CD if you like what you hear.

Video Links:

Metric's Official site:

Talk 0: Hello World!

Here's a big hello and welcome to anybody who happens upon this blog!

I started this blog a while back, had it all set up and ready to go, but I just never got around to posting anything here. For some odd reason, I just remembered that I had it today! So here I am posting my first entry. ^_^

As an exercise to possibly make me more structured, (less of a time waster and more of a committed individual), I shall try to make at least 1 post a day from now on. (This might be counter-productive as I might end up using this as yet another way to procrastinate doing any form of real work...) Let's see how long I can keep this up though! Bets anyone?

So lets talk about things, play some music, and share some love!
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