Let me now introduce you to a little group called Michou. They hale from from the city of Windsor, Ontario. Comprised of four fun-loving guys whose music just needed to be spread outside of just their city.

Michou has so far released 3 albums, each one showcasing their unique folky style. They are jedis at blending sound together, from the basic piano to xylophones, and even boxes and the clapping of their own hands. You should check out their tracks on iTunes.

They are a quirky band. If their original music is not enough to describe them, then perhaps you should read what they have to say about themselves:

A scientist from the future made a quantum leap back to the year 1974 and conducted an experiment in which one man would impregnate 4 separate women with 4 separate children. The 4 children were all born male, and therefore brothers from separate mothers. Following in their father’s footsteps they became inner city cowboys and started a gang known to all as “the downtown rumblers”. They were feared for their frequent attacks on the innocent, and their calling card: cooked macaroni noodles stuffed in shirt pockets. Citizens would walk around fearing the call “MICHOU!”, which the gang would shout as they jumped from near by ice cream trucks.

The scientist, realizing the damage and randomness of his experimentation, took the inner city cowboys back into the future; the year 2009. The rumblers used their post teenage/futuristic angst to compose delicate indie music with pop sensibilities. Now their music is daring to take over the world, as the scientist sits back and collects 15% publishing rights, and an additional 5% on any gross over $200,000. The band, paying homage to their previous attack call, “michou” decided to name the group as such. Now we look to the future and watch their destinies unfold.

I was actually introduced to this group by attending one of their live shows back in early 2008. From then, I've been following their progress and I must say that they have indeed made some great strides. Their touring schedule is jammed packed. Their music videos also made some waves of viewer requests online.

Now how excited do you think I was when I got the chance to go see them live for a second time? And this time they were touring with San Sebastian and The Archives too!. Below is a vid from the Michou portion of the show today at the El Mocambo.

And if that wasn't enough Michou for you, here are a few of their music videos:


Yes, it is nice to Michou...


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