One of my interests is music. Let's just say that I am one of those people who always always have music on. Silence makes me uncomfortably anxious for some reason I cannot explain. So expect me to post a lot about random bands/artists, some you may have never even heard about before and others that you definately have. There will be a very diverse range, so you've been warned.

The first up on the block today will be Metric.

Metric is an indie rock band based originally out of Toronto, Canada. They had their start back in 1998, but have since then gotten plenty of momentum. Metric has released four albums to date, with most recently Platinum selling Fantasies out in April of 2009. This album went on to win Alternative Album of the Year at the 2010 Juno Awards. It also made history as the first ever album to have a single that has entered the Billboard Top 20 without the backing of a major label. Metric also recieved the honour as Group of the Year.

Today (August 4th, 2010 - yes, it's technically the 5th now since it's past midnight, but really it's the same day to me still =P), I was surprised to find out that they were going to be having a free concert. To be completely honest, I have heard their music in passing before but I wasn't exactly a die-hard fan of theirs. This has definately changed!

Now if the success of thier CD was any indication of their talent, I would say that it might be off mark. I found that their live performance was even better than thier recordings. It was exciting, energic, and definately dance-worthy.

The crowd was screaming and dancing for the entire set (and sweating, it was 37 degrees Celsius out there - just about 100 degess Fahrenheit). But the heat did not stop the thousands of people who showed up. Surposedly, the concert was kept a secret for as long as possible but news travels quickly these days. The entire street had to be closed down.

I managed to nab a spot right near the front of the barracades. It was an awesome view. Luckily I got to snap a few shots and videos before my camera's battery died out. You should definately check them out. Go buy thier CD if you like what you hear.

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