Talk 0: Hello World!

Here's a big hello and welcome to anybody who happens upon this blog!

I started this blog a while back, had it all set up and ready to go, but I just never got around to posting anything here. For some odd reason, I just remembered that I had it today! So here I am posting my first entry. ^_^

As an exercise to possibly make me more structured, (less of a time waster and more of a committed individual), I shall try to make at least 1 post a day from now on. (This might be counter-productive as I might end up using this as yet another way to procrastinate doing any form of real work...) Let's see how long I can keep this up though! Bets anyone?

So lets talk about things, play some music, and share some love!


Lizzie said...

I would love to get comments! Say hi back if you've read any posts. It would spread a little bit more cheer around. =D

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