Step Up 3D

So of course, along with my love of sound came the love of movement. I'm not a good dancer by any means but I do like to turn up the tunes way up and groove along when I'm by myself. Dance is an escape from reality, but at the same time, I think I helps you get a clearer understanding of true reality. It lets you experience emotion to the fullest. The music may touch you on the inside, but dance extends that feeling outwards.

I like to watch dancers - on the streets, in shows, on tv, and of course on the big screen. So how could I say no to getting to see a movie about dance? In 3D none the less! Step Up 3D just premiered in theatres today, August 6th, 2010. (Directed by Jon M. Chu)

Opening day shows are always great in my books. There may be long line-ups, but this is the crowd that are truly excited for the film, just like you are.

Going into the film, I expected a cliched plot but hoped that it be coupled with moves that were far from that. I was right. There seemed to be two story-lines (about chessey-acted trust/love scenarios), but those characters were all connected by the dance crew and awesome battles. The plot about the two best friends going to college together, I "aww"'ed at, while the other one about betraying dance partners was just acted so dramatically that I ended up gaffawing at every scene.

About the dance, I really enjoyed it. There were a few battles that I didn't quite feel. I just didn't think they were so epic that those sequences deserved a 3D big screen. Others though, WOW - they just blew me away. Especially that final number. It was like "YEAH!! You guys got served!!!! SNAP!" (by the way, I don't talk like that normally but when you can get so into a scene, you just start acting like the characters. haha)

I'm super glad to see so many familiar faces of the the dance world included in this movie. If you're a follower of dance, you'll probably be able to name most of them all! Even a whole bunch of dancers from SYTYCD made it in, most notably "Twitch".

So if you're a fan of great movies that are thought-provoking, I'd stear clear of this one. But if you're a fan of dance, definitely go see Step UP 3D. Just please excuse the lack of character depth and focus on the crazy skillful movements.

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